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Han, C. (2002.3.18). Helping FlyBase: ADRC-10969. 
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From rd120@XXXX Mon Mar 18  09:42:45  2002
To: han_chun@XXXX
Subject: Helping FlyBase: ADRC-10969
Dear Chun,
We are currently curating the abstracts for the upcoming 43rd
(San Diego) Annual Drosophila Research Conference, for FlyBase.
I am writing in connection with your abstract:
'Functional analysis of EXT family of tumor suppressor genes in Drosophila.'
You say 'tout-velu (botv) and sister of tout-velu (sotv), which encode
the homologs of human EXTL3 and EXT2, respectively'. I am writing
about sotv. The thing is that we already have a gene record for Ext2
(FBgn0029175) though there is very little data in it. There are two
papers which have mentioned Ext2:
\*x FBrf0128173 == Perrimon, 2000, Nature 404(6779): 725--728
\*x FBrf0123217 == The et al., 1999, Molec. Cell 4(4): 633--639
Is this gene the same as your sotv? If so I will enter your abstract as a
reference for Ext2, but if not I will make a new gene record for sotv.
Thank you very much for your help,
with best wishes,
Rachel Drysdale, Ph.D.
FlyBase (Cambridge),
Department of Genetics,
University of Cambridge,
Downing Street, email: rd120@XXXX
Cambridge, CB2 3EH, Ph : 01223-333963
UK. FAX: 01223-333992
FlyBase: uk:7081 /
From han_chun@XXXX Mon Mar 18  23:58:52  2002
To: rd120@XXXX
Subject: Re: Helping FlyBase: ADRC-10969
Dear Rachel,
I think we are talking about the same gene. sotv's BcDNA ID is GH02288. You
can find this gene by searching with 'GH02288' in flybase. It is located at
2R 52F3-52F3. The two references flybase already has only said there is an
Ext2 gene in Drosophila, however, they didn't mention exactly which gene is
Ext2. In our work, we isolated mutant alleles of GH02288, which is the very
Drosophila Ext2 gene. I hope the explanation clarified the issue. Thanks for
Best regards
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