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Cohen, S. (2003). Tub-EGFP query. 
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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003  08:27:20  \+0200
To: Chihiro Yamada <cy200@XXXX>
From: stephen cohen <Stephen.Cohen@XXXX>
Subject: Re: FlyBase Query (cy1880)
Hi Chihiro,
We used the tubulin alpha 1 promoter from the Tubulin>CD2>hh
construct (Basler & Struhl 1994). I don't know from which tubulin
locus it was derived. This was cloned as an EcoRI-KpnI fragment into
Casper 4, followed by EGFP (clontech EGFP-N1) as a KpnI-NotI
fragment. This construct is described first in Brennecke et al 2003.
>Dear Dr Cohen,
>I am currently curating your paper for FlyBase:
>Brennecke et al., 2003, Cell 113(1): 25--36
>I have a quick question I was hoping you could answer for me.
>You use a Tub-EGFP as a starting point for your bantam sensor
>construct. I'm not sure whether we have this construct in our records
>Where did you get it from? Has it been published before, if so what was
>it called? Can you tell me which Tubulin promoter was used to drive
>expression of EGFP?
>Best wishes,
>Chihiro Yamada.
>FlyBase (Cambridge), uk:7081 /
>Department of Genetics,
>University of Cambridge, email: c.yamada@XXXX
>Downing Street, Tel : 01223-333963
>Cambridge, CB2 3EH, FAX : 01223-333992
>United Kingdom. Memes don't exist. Spread the Word.
Stephen Cohen
Developmental Biology Programme
Meyerhofstr 1
69117 Heidelberg, Germany
telephone \+49 6221 387 414
secretary \+49 6221 387 165
fax \+49 6221 387 166
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Research paper

bantam encodes a developmentally regulated microRNA that controls cell proliferation and regulates the proapoptotic gene hid in Drosophila.
Brennecke et al., 2003, Cell 113(1): 25--36 [FBrf0158764]

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