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Luschnig, S. (2003.12.17). Existence-uncertain genes. 
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I had previously exchanged emails with Sima Misra about the genes annotated
in FlyBase as 'existence-uncertain'. Initially, I had found a few of these
genes to show high fold-changes in an expression profiling experiment
comparing wildtype and rib mutant embryos. Out of curiosity I went on and
retrieved all the CGs (321) annotated in Flybase as 'existence-uncertain',
and looked them up in a series of array experiments done in our lab.
Interestingly, many of these genes show marked changes in expression levels
between these different experiments, suggesting they may in fact be 'real'
genes (e.g., some seem to be specifically expressed in the male germline,
others in the third instar larval gut).
Sima had suggested at some point that I send these data, which I am doing
here; I attached a pdf file with clustered expression profiles for these
genes, as well as an Excel file with the data.
I hope this might be helpful in re-annotating these genes. The labelling of
the arrays should be somewhat self-explanatory, but I'll be happy to
answer any questions, of course.
Stefan Luschnig
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