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Ishikawa, H. (2005.3.7). Helping FlyBase: ADRC-50099. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005  13:42:39  \+0000 (GMT)
From: 'Rachel Drysdale (Genetics)' <rd120@XXXX>
Subject: Helping FlyBase: ADRC-50099
To: hoishika@XXXX
Cc: rd120@XXXX
Dear Hiroyuki,
We are currently curating the abstracts for the upcoming 46th
(San Diego) Annual Drosophila Research Conference, for FlyBase.
I am writing in connection with your abstract:
A Drosophila model for human congenital disorder of glycosylations IIc.
You mention a gene symbol that is new to FlyBase, Gfr. Do you know
which of the Genome Project CG annotations your gene corresponds to?
Might it be CG9620? All the CGs have corresponding gene records in
FlyBase already and we don't like to make duplicate records for what is
actually the same gene unless we can't avoid it. The CG symbols become
synonyms when an annotation is named with a more descriptive or
functional name.
With best wishes,
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005  23:33:40  \+0900
To: 'Rachel Drysdale (Genetics)' <rd120@XXXX>
From: 'Hiroyuki O. Ishikawa' <hoishika@XXXX>
Subject: Re: Helping FlyBase: ADRC-50099
Dear Rachel,
First, I apologize that we did not note the CG number of Golgi GDP-fucose
transporter (gfr) gene in the abstract.
As you pointed out, gfr is CG9620.
We have confirmed Gfr localized to the Golgi, and had an activityto
transport GDP-fucose into the Golgi.
So we believe that gfr is a reasonable name for CG9620.
Best regards,
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