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Fauny, J.D., Silber, J., Zider, A. (2005). Drosophila Lipid Storage Droplet 2 gene (Lsd-2) is expressed and controls lipid storage in wing imaginal discs.  Dev. Dyn. 232(3): 725--732.
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Lipid droplets are the major neutral lipid storage organelles in higher eukaryotes. The PAT domain proteins (Perilipin, ADRP [adipose differentiation related protein], and TIP47 [tail-interacting 47-kDa protein]) are associated with these structures. Perilipin and ADRP are involved in the regulation of lipid storage and metabolism in mammals. Two genes encoding PAT proteins, Drosophila Lipid Storage Droplet 2 Gene (Lsd-2) and Lsd-2, have been identified in Drosophila. Lsd-2 is expressed in fat bodies and in the female germ line and is involved in lipid storage in these tissues. We showed that Lsd-2 is expressed in third-instar wing imaginal discs in Drosophila, with higher levels in the wing pouch, which corresponds to the presumptive wing region of the wing disc. This specific expression pattern is correlated with a high level of neutral lipid accumulation. We also showed that neutral lipid deposition in the wing disc is severely reduced in an Lsd-2 mutant and is increased with Lsd-2 overexpression. Finally, we showed that overexpression of the vestigial (vg) pro-wing gene induces Lsd-2 expression, suggesting that Lsd-2 mediates a vg role during wing formation. Our results suggest that Lsd-2 function is not restricted to tissues directly involved in lipid storage and could play additional roles during development.
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