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Mueller, J.L., Ram, K.R., McGraw, L.A., Bloch Qazi, M.C., Siggia, E.D., Clark, A.G., Aquadro, C.F., Wolfner, M.F. (2005). Cross-species comparison of Drosophila male accessory gland protein genes.  Genetics 171(1): 131--143.
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Research paper

Drosophila melanogaster males transfer seminal fluid proteins along with sperm during mating. Among these proteins, ACPs (Accessory gland proteins) from the male's accessory gland induce behavioral, physiological, and life span reduction in mated females and mediate sperm storage and utilization. A previous evolutionary EST screen in D. simulans identified partial cDNAs for 57 new candidate ACPs. Here we report the annotation and confirmation of the corresponding Acp genes in D. melanogaster. Of 57 new candidate Acp genes previously reported in D. melanogaster, 34 conform to our more stringent criteria for encoding putative male accessory gland extracellular proteins, thus bringing the total number of ACPs identified to 52 (34 plus 18 previously identified). This comprehensive set of Acp genes allows us to dissect the patterns of evolutionary change in a suite of proteins from a single male-specific reproductive tissue. We used sequence-based analysis to examine codon bias, gene duplications, and levels of divergence (via dN/dS values and ortholog detection) of the 52 D. melanogaster ACPs in D. simulans, D. yakuba, and D. pseudoobscura. We show that 58% of the 52 D. melanogaster Acp genes are detectable in D. pseudoobscura. Sequence comparisons of ACPs shared and not shared between D. melanogaster and D. pseudoobscura show that there are separate classes undergoing distinctly dissimilar evolutionary dynamics.

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PMC1456506 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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