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Haley, K.J., Stuart, J.R., Raymond, J.D., Niemi, J.B., Simmons, M.J. (2005). Impairment of cytotype regulation of P-element activity in Drosophila melanogaster by mutations in the Su(var)205 gene.  Genetics 171(2): 583--595.
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Cytotype regulation of transposable P elements in the germ line of Drosophila melanogaster is associated with maternal transmission of P elements inserted at the left telomere of the X chromosome. This regulation is impaired in long-term stocks heterozygous for mutations in Suppressor of variegation 205 [Su(var)205], a gene implicated in the control of telomere length. Regulation by TP5, a structurally incomplete P element at the X telomere, is more profoundly impaired than regulation by TP6, a different incomplete P element inserted at the same site in a TAS repeat at the X telomere. Genetic analysis with the TP5 element indicates that its regulatory ability is not impaired in flies whose fathers came directly from a stock heterozygous for a Su(var)205 mutation, even when the flies themselves carry this mutation. However, it is impaired in flies whose grandfathers came from such a stock. Furthermore, this impairment occurs even when the Su(var)205 mutation is not present in the flies themselves or in their mothers. The impaired regulatory ability of TP5 persists for at least several generations after TP5 X chromosomes extracted from a long-term mutant Su(var)205 stock are made homozygous in the absence of the Su(var)205 mutation. Impairment of TP5-mediated regulation is therefore not directly dependent on the Su(var)205 mutation. However, it is characteristic of the six mutant Su(var)205 stocks that were tested and may be related to the elongated telomeres that develop in these stocks. Impairment of regulation by TP5 is also seen in a stock derived from Gaiano, a wild-type strain that has elongated telomeres due to a dominant mutation in the Telomere elongation (Tel) gene. Regulation by TP6 is not impaired in the Gaiano genetic background. The regulatory abilities of the TP5 and TP6 elements are therefore not equally susceptible to the effects of elongated telomeres in the mutant Su(var)205 and Gaiano stocks.
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PMC1456773 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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