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Graham, A.C., Kiss, D.L., Andrulis, E.D. (2006). Differential distribution of exosome subunits at the nuclear lamina and in cytoplasmic foci.  Mol. Biol. Cell 17(3): 1399--1409.
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The exosome complex plays important roles in RNA processing and turnover. Despite significant mechanistic insight into exosome function, we still lack a basic understanding of the subcellular locales where exosome complex biogenesis and function occurs. Here, we employ a panel of Drosophila S2 stable cell lines expressing epitope-tagged exosome subunits to examine the subcellular distribution of exosome complex components. We show that tagged Drosophila exosome subunits incorporate into complexes that recover endogenous nuclear and cytoplasmic exosome subunits. Immunolocalization analyses demonstrate that subsets of both epitope-tagged and endogenous exosome subunits are enriched in discrete subcellular compartments. In particular, dRrp4, dRrp42, dRrp46, and dCsl4 are enriched in cytoplasmic foci. Although dRrp4 and dRrp42 sometimes colocalize with dCsl4, these subunits are predominantly found in distinct cytoplasmic compartments. Strikingly, dRrp44/dDis3 and dRrp41/dSki6 colocalize with the nuclear lamina and often exhibit a restricted and asymmetric distribution at the nuclear periphery. Taken together, these observations indicate that individual exosome subunits have distinct localizations in vivo. These different distribution patterns presumably reflect distinct exosome subunit subcomplexes with correspondingly specialized functions.

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PMC1382327 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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