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Christensen, S., Cook, K. (2006.3.8). Isolation and characterization of Df(2L)BSC147. 
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Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006  13:12:59  \-0500
To: flybase-updates@XXXX
From: Kevin Cook <kcook@XXXX>
Subject: Isolation and characterization of Df(2L)BSC147
Cc: Stacey Christensen <sjchristXXXX>, mdealXXXX, Jill Gresens
Isolation and characterization of Df(2L)BSC147
Stacey Christensen and Kevin Cook
Bloomington Stock Center
Indiana University
Df(2L)BSC147 was isolated as a FLP recombinase-induced recombination
event involving PBac{RB}CG9267e01101 and P{XP}d11348. The deletion
was isolated as a chromosome lacking miniwhite markers in progeny of
P{hsFLP}1, y1 w1118; PBac{RB}CG9267e01101/P{XP}d11348 males
crossed to w1118; P{hs-hid}2, wgSp-1/CyO females. These males
were heat shocked as larvae as described in Parks et al., Nature
Genetics 36: 288-292, 2004 (FBrf0175003). This cross and crosses in
preceding and succeeding generations maintained the original genetic
background of the Exelixis insertion stocks (Thibault et al, Nature
Genetics 36: 283-287, 2004; FBrf0175002). The recombination event
generated the genetic element P+PBac{XP5.RB3}BSC147 from the segment
of PBac{RB}CG9267e01101 to the left of its FRT site and the segment
of P{XP}d11348 to the right of its FRT site. Its presence was
verified using the PCR methods and primers described in Parks et al.
with the substitution of the primer 5'-CCAATGCGTTTATTTCAGGTCACG-3'
for the RB3' minus primer in the Hybrid PCR protocol in the
Supplementary Methods. The cytological breakpoints of Df(2L)BSC147
predicted from the transposable element insertions sites using
Release 4 coordinates are 34C1;34C6. It failed to complement kuz3
and Df(2L)b87e25.
Kevin Cook, Ph.D.               Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
Department of Biology 
Jordan Hall 142
Indiana University              812-856-1213
1001 E. Third St.               812-855-2577 (fax)
Bloomington, IN  47405-7005     kcook@XXXX
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