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Schejter, E. (2006.7.3). Request for info on WASp mutations. 
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On Jun 16, 2006, at  10:31  PM, Beverley Matthews wrote:
Dear Dr. Schejter,
I would like to curate the locations of the mutations reported in
FBrf0132374 == Ben-Yaacov et al., 2001, J. Cell Biol. 152(1): 1--14
to appear in the genome maps in FlyBase but need more information.
The paper reports the locations of the frameshifts associated with
three WASp mutations but does not provide the actual deleted bases
for the three small intragenic deletions. I was hoping you could
send me the actual sites of the deletions so I can more accurately
map the mutations in the FlyBase genomic maps.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Your response will
be saved as a Personal Communication to FlyBase and used as a
reference for the mapping of the mutations (in addition to the
J. Cell Biol. paper).
Beverley Matthews
From: Eyal Schejter <Eyal.Schejter@XXXX>
Subject: Re: Request for info on WASp mutations
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006  15:22:23  +0300
To: Beverley Matthews <bmatthew@XXXX>
Dear Beverly,
The DNA sequence details of the three mutations in WASp are as follows:
1. Wsp1- a 34 nt deletion between positions  24652161-24652128 on arm  
3R of genome sequence release 4.3.  Missing sequence is:  
aacgacgaagtgctgaacgagttcttcgtgaagg. Note that Wsp sits 3'-5'on  
chromosome. This deletion results in a frameshift after residue  
Glu-260 of the protein and termination after 8 additional residues.
2. Wsp3- a 10 nt deletion between positions 24651754-24651744.  
Missing sequence is: agtcagtgcgc. This results in frameshift after  
residue Pro-373 of the protein and termination after 114 additional  
3. Wsp2- A more complex mutation resulting from an 8 nt deletion  
(24652013 cggaaaca 24652006), replaced with  4 nt (ggtg). This  
results in frameshift after residue Pro-309 of the protein and  
termination after 120 additional residues. Please note that this  
allele was lost.
Please let me know if you require additional information or  
Best wishes,
Eyal Schejter
Eyal Schejter
Dept. Molecular Genetics
Weizmann Institute of Science
76100 Rehovot     ISRAEL
Tel: (972)-8-9342760
Fax: (972)-8-9344108
e-mail: Eyal.Schejter@XXXX
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