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Ryder, E., Ashburner, M., Bautista-Llacer, R., Drummond, J., Webster, J., Johnson, G., Morley, T., Chan, Y.S., Blows, F., Coulson, D., Reuter, G., Baisch, H., Apelt, C., Kauk, A., Rudolph, T., Kube, M., Klimm, M., Nickel, C., Szidonya, J., Maróy, P., Pal, M., Rasmuson-Lestander, A., Ekström, K., Stocker, H., Hugentobler, C., Hafen, E., Gubb, D., Pflugfelder, G., Dorner, C., Mechler, B., Schenkel, H., Marhold, J., Serras, F., Corominas, M., Punset, A., Roote, J., Russell, S. (2007). The DrosDel deletion collection: a Drosophila genomewide chromosomal deficiency resource.  Genetics 177(1): 615--629.
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Research paper

We describe a second-generation deficiency kit for Drosophila melanogaster composed of molecularly mapped deletions on an isogenic background, covering approximately 77% of the Release 5.1 genome. Using a previously reported collection of FRT-bearing P-element insertions, we have generated 655 new deletions and verified a set of 209 deletion-bearing fly stocks. In addition to deletions, we demonstrate how the P elements may also be used to generate a set of custom inversions and duplications, particularly useful for balancing difficult regions of the genome carrying haplo-insufficient loci. We describe a simple computational resource that facilitates selection of appropriate elements for generating custom deletions. Finally, we provide a computational resource that facilitates selection of other mapped FRT-bearing elements that, when combined with the DrosDel collection, can theoretically generate over half a million precisely mapped deletions.

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PMC2013729 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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