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Schuldiner, O., Berdnik, D., Levy, J.M., Wu, J.S., Luginbuhl, D., Gontang, A.C., Luo, L. (2008). piggyBac-based mosaic screen identifies a postmitotic function for cohesin in regulating developmental axon pruning.  Dev. Cell 14(2): 227--238.
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Developmental axon pruning is widely used to refine neural circuits. We performed a mosaic screen to identify mutations affecting axon pruning of Drosophila mushroom body gamma neurons. We constructed a modified piggyBac vector with improved mutagenicity and generated insertions in >2000 genes. We identified two cohesin subunits (SMC1 and SA) as being essential for axon pruning. The cohesin complex maintains sister-chromatid cohesion during cell division in eukaryotes. However, we show that the pruning phenotype in SMC1(-/-) clones is rescued by expressing SMC1 in neurons, revealing a postmitotic function. SMC1(-/-) clones exhibit reduced levels of the ecdysone receptor EcR-B1, a key regulator of axon pruning. The pruning phenotype is significantly suppressed by overexpressing EcR-B1 and is enhanced by a reduced dose of EcR, supporting a causal relationship. We also demonstrate a postmitotic role for SMC1 in dendrite targeting of olfactory projection neurons. We suggest that cohesin regulates diverse aspects of neuronal morphogenesis.

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PMC2268086 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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Insertions of PBac{SAstopDsRed} GSS accessions.
Schuldiner et al., 2009, Insertions of PBac{SAstopDsRed} GSS accessions. [FBrf0208716]


Running rings around chromosomes to trim axons and target dendrites.
Dorsett, 2008, Dev. Cell 14(2): 156--158 [FBrf0216019]

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