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Das, D., Ashoka, D., Aradhya, R., Inamdar, M. (2008). Gene expression analysis in post-embryonic pericardial cells of Drosophila.  Gene Expr. Patterns 8(3): 199--205.
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Increasing evidence suggests conservation of cardiovascular molecules between vertebrates and invertebrates. Vertebrate Rudhira, an evolutionary conserved WD40 protein is expressed during primitive erythropoiesis, neoangiogenesis and tumors. We report here the expression profile of the Drosophila ortholog of Rudhira (DRudh) in the fly life cycle. DRudh is expressed specifically in all post-embryonic pericardial cells (PCs) and garland cells (GCs). This is the first report of a cytoplasmic marker highly specific to post-embryonic PCs. Embryonic PCs belong to three distinct genetic classes based on Odd-skipped (Odd), Even-skipped (Eve) and Tinman (Tin) expression. To identify which among these three classes of PCs expresses DRudh in post-embryonic stages, we analyzed expression of embryonic PC markers in the post-embryonic stages. Unlike in the embryo all larval PCs show an identical gene expression profile. While Odd and Eve expression is mutually exclusive in the embryonic PCs, these two markers are co-expressed in larval PCs but show a distinct subcellular localization. Tin is not expressed in any post-embryonic PC. Additionally larval PCs also express the GATA factor, Serpent (Srp) and the extracellular matrix protein, Pericardin (Prc). While PC number is known to decrease post-embryogenesis, which of the Odd or Eve lineage embryonic PCs persists is not known. Co-expression of the two distinct lineage markers only in post-embryonic stages indicates a complex temporal regulation of gene expression in PCs.

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