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Lin, M., Kellis, M. (2006.12.15). Gene models flagged as uncertain or dubious. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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For the following genes, comparative genomics of Drosophila species show conservation patterns atypical for protein-coding regions, suggesting that the gene might not have protein function.
CG10349 FBgn0015350
CG10883 FBgn0038781
CG10928 FBgn0040522
CG11042 FBgn0030094
CG11229 FBgn0031138
CG11462 FBgn0029815
CG11538 FBgn0017424
CG1162  FBgn0026564
CG12685 FBgn0040910
CG12688 FBgn0029707
CG13130 FBgn0040965
CG13235 FBgn0040766
CG13542 FBgn0034809
CG13932 FBgn0035259
CG14088 FBgn0036858
CG14137 FBgn0036178
CG14368 FBgn0038162
CG14479 FBgn0034228
CG14519 FBgn0039619
CG14532 FBgn0031966
CG14673 FBgn0037352
CG14799 FBgn0029591
CG14809 FBgn0040898
CG15057 FBgn0030908
CG15477 FBgn0032865
CG15499 FBgn0038891
CG16971 FBgn0035114
CG17631 FBgn0038392
CG18091 FBgn0024368
CG18518 FBgn0028900
CG30017 FBgn0050017
CG30071 FBgn0050071
CG30482 FBgn0050482
CG31044 FBgn0051044
CG31281 FBgn0051281
CG31315 FBgn0051315
CG31353 FBgn0051353
CG31389 FBgn0051389
CG31461 FBgn0051461
CG31563 FBgn0051563
CG31736 FBgn0051736
CG31781 FBgn0051781
CG31828 FBgn0051828
CG31845 FBgn0051845
CG31856 FBgn0051856
CG32033 FBgn0052033
CG32060 FBgn0052060
CG32118 FBgn0052118
CG32167 FBgn0052167
CG32233 FBgn0052233
CG32334 FBgn0052334
CG32368 FBgn0052368
CG32398 FBgn0052398
CG32614 FBgn0052614
CG32691 FBgn0052691
CG32711 FBgn0052711
CG32773 FBgn0052773
CG33235 FBgn0030307
CG33651 FBgn0053651
CG33681 FBgn0053681
CG33911 FBgn0053911
CG34000 FBgn0054000
CG34006 FBgn0054006
CG34016 FBgn0054016
CG34024 FBgn0054024
CG34044 FBgn0054044
CG34046 FBgn0054046
CG34047 FBgn0054047
CG34052 FBgn0054052
CG40174 FBgn0058174
CG40463 FBgn0058463
CG41073 FBgn0069950
CG6559  FBgn0036081
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