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Geng, C., MacDonald, P.M. (2007). Identification of genes that influence gurken expression.  Fly 1(5): 259--267.
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Axial patterning in Drosophila relies on the deployment of patterning proteins at specific regions within the developing oocyte. This process involves transport of mRNAs from the nurse cells to the oocyte, localization of mRNAs within the oocyte, and translational regulation of these mRNAs to restrict the final distribution of the proteins. Despite extensive analysis, the events of deployment are not fully understood and it seems certain that many contributing factors remain to be identified. We describe the development and application of a sensitized genetic screen to reveal such additional factors. Overexpression of Imp, a factor implicated in regulation of gurken mRNA, causes a weak dorsalization that can be enhanced by reducing the level of other factors acting in the same pathway. A collection of deficiency mutants was screened using this assay, leading to the identification of 5 genes that are candidates to contribute to axial patterning. Three of the genes were characterized in greater detail. The mushroom body expressed gene was implicated in axial patterning, with overexpression leading to a range of patterning abnormalities that can be explained by a more primary defect in organization of the cytoskeleton. Two mitotic cell cycle control factors, cyclin E and E2f1, were also implicated, raising the possibility that a mitotic cell cycle checkpoint may impinge on grk expression, much as meiotic checkpoints can alter expression of this gene.

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