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Stramer, B., Winfield, M., Shaw, T., Millard, T.H., Woolner, S., Martin, P. (2008). Gene induction following wounding of wild-type versus macrophage-deficient Drosophila embryos.  EMBO Rep. 9(5): 465--471.
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By using a microarray screen to compare gene responses after sterile laser wounding of wild-type and 'macrophageless' serpent mutant Drosophila embryos, we show the wound-induced programmes that are independent of a pathogenic response and distinguish which of the genes are macrophage dependent. The evolutionarily conserved nature of this response is highlighted by our finding that one such new inflammation-associated gene, growth arrest and DNA damage-inducible gene 45 (GADD45), is upregulated in both Drosophila and murine repair models. Comparison of unwounded wild-type and serpent mutant embryos also shows a portfolio of 'macrophage-specific' genes, which suggest analogous functions with vertebrate inflammatory cells. Besides identifying the various classes of wound- and macrophage-related genes, our data indicate that sterile injury per se, in the absence of pathogens, triggers induction of a 'pathogen response', which might prime the organism for what is likely to be an increased risk of infection.

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PMC2373367 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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