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Urasaki, A., Mito, T., Noji, S., Ueda, R., Kawakami, K. (2008). Transposition of the vertebrate Tol2 transposable element in Drosophila melanogaster.  Gene 425(1-2): 64--68.
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The Tol2 element is a transposon found from a genome of a vertebrate, a small teleost medaka fish. Tol2 encodes a gene for a transposase which is active in vertebrate animals so far tested; for instance, in fish, frog, chicken and mammals, and transgenesis methods using Tol2 have been developed in these model vertebrates. However, it has not been known whether Tol2 can transpose in animals other than vertebrates. Here we report transposition of Tol2 in an invertebrate Drosophila melanogaster. First, we injected a transposon donor plasmid containing a Tol2 construct and mRNA encoding the Tol2 transposase into Drosophila eggs, and found that the Tol2 construct could be excised from the plasmid. Second, we crossed the injected flies, raised the offspring, and found that the Tol2 construct was integrated into the genome of germ cells and transmitted to the next generation. Finally, we constructed a Tol2 construct containing the white gene and injected the transposon donor plasmid and the transposase mRNA into fertilized eggs from the white mutant. We analyzed their offspring, and found that G1 flies with wild type red eyes could be obtained from 35% of the injected fly. We cloned and sequenced 34 integration loci from these lines and showed that these insertions were indeed created through transposition and distributed throughout the genome. Our present study demonstrates that the medaka fish Tol2 transposable element does not require vertebrate-specific host factors for its transposition, and also provides a possibility that Tol2 may be used as a new genetic tool for transgenesis and genome analysis in Drosophila.

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