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Kopytova, D.V., Orlova, A.V., Krasnov, A.N., Gurskiy, D.Y., Nikolenko, J.V., Nabirochkina, E.N., Shidlovskii, Y.V., Georgieva, S.G. (2010). Multifunctional factor ENY2 is associated with the THO complex and promotes its recruitment onto nascent mRNA.  Genes Dev. 24(1): 86--96.
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Metazoan E(y)2/ENY2 is a multifunctional protein important for transcription activation and mRNA export, being a component of SAGA/TFTC and the mRNA export complex AMEX. Here, we show that ENY2 in Drosophila is also stably associated with THO, the complex involved in mRNP biogenesis. The ENY2-THO complex is required for normal Drosophila development, functioning independently on SAGA and AMEX. ENY2 and THO arrive on the transcribed region of the hsp70 gene after its activation, and ENY2 plays an important role in THO recruitment. ENY2 and THO show no direct association with elongating RNA polymerase II. Recruitment of ENY2 and THO occurs by their loading onto nascent mRNA, apparently immediately after its synthesis, while the AMEX component Xmas-2 is loaded onto mRNA at a later stage. Knockdown of either ENY2 or THO, but not SAGA or AMEX, affects the processing of the transcript's 3' end. Thus, ENY2, as a shared subunit of several protein complexes governing the sequential steps of gene expression, plays an important role in the coordination of these steps.

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PMC2802194 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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ENY2: couple, triple...more?
Kopytova et al., 2010, Cell Cycle 9(3): 479--481 [FBrf0214898]

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