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de Celis, J.F., Basler, K. (2010.7.11). spalt major-Gal4 lines. 
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From Jose de Celis:
The generation of the salEPv-Gal4 line is described in :
-Cruz, C, Glavic, A., Casado, M. and Jose F. de Celis (2009). A Gain-of-Function Screen Identifying Genes Required for Growth and Pattern Formation of the Drosophila melanogaster Wing. Genetics 183: 1005–1026.  (FBrf0209334).
This is for sure the line referred in the Terriente-Felix and de Celis, 2009, Baena-Lopez, 2005 and Glavic et al., 2009 papers. I do not really know about the Mosimann papers...
From Konrad Basler:
The construct we used and refer to in the two publications <up>FBrf0189918 & FBrf0207957</up> is NOT the one from de Celis and Cruz.
We made this transgene (both a lacZ and a Gal4 version) in the late 1990s in an effort to dissect the regulatory elements of the spalt gene. At that time we did not even know there are two spalt-related genes next to each other. In any case, one fragment was particularly active and useful and we kept using it for various experiments, where we need a relatively clean and strong wing pouch driver.
It is important to note, that the activity of this enhancer fragment does not correspond to that of the spalt major gene itself: it is expressed in nearly the entire wing pouch (as described in FBrf0189918, Figure 1). So while being a handy driver, it should not be used as a reporter for spalt expression.
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Research paper

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