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Popodi, E. (2010.10.8). Additional data for selected DC Duplications. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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Additional Phenotypic data in combination with other aberrations.
Dp(1;3)DC134 rescues the lethality of Df(1)FDD0230908 in Df(1)FDD0230908, w1118/Y; +; Dp(1;3)DC134/+
Additional Rescue Data.
Additional rescue data for Dp(1;3)DC007
Dp(1;3)DC007 rescues the pupal lethality of the Exp6 allele in Exp619/Y;  Dp(1;3)DC007/+ (generated using BDSC stock #4626)
Additional rescue data for Dp(1;3)DC038
Dp(1;3)DC038 rescues the lethality of ph-d alleles in y1, ph-d503, w1, f36a/Y; Dp(1;3)DC038/+ and y2, ph-dbr, wa/Y; Dp(1;3)DC038/+ and ph-d504 ph-d504, w* P{FRT(whs)} /Y; Dp(1;3)DC038/+
Dp(1;3)DC038 rescues the lethality of the Pgd allele in P{lacW}PgdG0385, w67c23/Y; Dp(1;3)DC038/+ 
Dp(1;3)DC038 does not rescue the lethality of the wapl allele in wapl2/Y; Dp(1;3)DC038/+
(stocks 1411, 3952, 24162, 11998, 5741)
Additional rescue data for Dp(1;3)DC048
Dp(1;3)DC048 rescues the lethality of sgg alleles in sgg1/Y; Dp(1;3)DC048/+ and P{w+mc=lacW}sggG0183, w67c23/Y; Dp(1;3)DC048/+
(stocks 4095, 10092)
Additional rescue data for Dp(1;3)DC059
Dp(1;3)DC059  rescues the lethality of the dm allele in w67c23 P{lacW}dmG0139/Y; Dp(1;3)DC059/+  
(stock 11935)
Additional rescue data for Dp(1;3)DC146
Dp(1;3)DC146 rescues the lethality of Act5C alleles in w67c23 P{w+mc=lacW}Act5CG0009/Y; Dp(1;3)DC146/+; w67c23 P{w+mc=lacW}Act5CG0245/Y; Dp(1;3)DC146/+; w67c23 P{w+mc=lacW}Act5CG0420/Y; Dp(1;3)DC146/+; w67c23 P{w+mc=lacW}Act5CG0010/Y; Dp(1;3)DC146/+; and w67c23 P{w+mc=lacW}Act5CG0486/Y; Dp(1;3)DC146/+
(stocks11470, 11853, 12019, 12083, 12273)
Additional rescue data for Dp(1;3)DC353
Dp(1;3)DC353 rescues the semi-lethality of the Pvf1 allele in w67c23 P{lacW}Pvf1G0146/Y; Dp(1;3)DC353/+
(stock 12286)
Additional rescue data for Dp(1;3)DC363
Dp(1;3)DC363 rescues the eye color phenotype of car alleles in car1/Y; Dp(1;3)DC363/+ and in car1, su(f)8/Y; Dp(1;3)DC363/+
(stocks 19, 20)
Additional rescue data for Dp(1;3)DC409
Dp(1;3)DC409 rescues the lethality of l(1)G0004 in w67c23 P{lacW}l(1)G0004G0004/Y; Dp(1;3)DC409/+
(Stock 10070)
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Personal communication to FlyBase

Small X duplications for the stock center collection.
Popodi et al., 2010-, Small X duplications for the stock center collection. [FBrf0210621]

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