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Venken, K.J., Popodi, E., Holtzman, S.L., Schulze, K.L., Park, S., Carlson, J.W., Hoskins, R.A., Bellen, H.J., Kaufman, T.C. (2010). A molecularly defined duplication set for the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.  Genetics 186(4): 1111--1125.
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Research paper

We describe a molecularly defined duplication kit for the X chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster. A set of 408 overlapping P[acman] BAC clones was used to create small duplications (average length 88 kb) covering the 22-Mb sequenced portion of the chromosome. The BAC clones were inserted into an attP docking site on chromosome 3L using ΦC31 integrase, allowing direct comparison of different transgenes. The insertions complement 92% of the essential and viable mutations and deletions tested, demonstrating that almost all Drosophila genes are compact and that the current annotations of the genome are reasonably accurate. Moreover, almost all genes are tolerated at twice the normal dosage. Finally, we more precisely mapped two regions at which duplications cause diplo-lethality in males. This collection comprises the first molecularly defined duplication set to cover a whole chromosome in a multicellular organism. The work presented removes a long-standing barrier to genetic analysis of the Drosophila X chromosome, will greatly facilitate functional assays of X-linked genes in vivo, and provides a model for functional analyses of entire chromosomes in other species.

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PMC2998297 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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Personal communication to FlyBase

Small X duplications for the stock center collection.
Popodi et al., 2010-, Small X duplications for the stock center collection. [FBrf0210621]

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