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Anh, N.T., Nishitani, M., Harada, S., Yamaguchi, M., Kamei, K. (2011). Essential role of duox in stabilization of Drosophila wing.  J. Biol. Chem. 286(38): 33244--33251.
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Research paper

NADPH oxidase produces reactive oxygen species (ROS). Drosophila melanogaster has two homologs of NADPH oxidase, dNox and dDuox, with functions that remain unclear in vivo. To clarify these functions, two independent transgenic fly lines expressing dsRNA targeted for different portions of dDuox mRNA were used. In both flies, en-GAL4> UAS-dDuoxIR(976-1145) and en-GAL4> UAS-dDuoxIR(370-518), in which dDuox was knocked down selectively in the posterior area of the wing disc, the posterior compartment of the adult wings became paler and more fragile with wing veins that were indistinct by comparison with the anterior one. Fluorescence staining of the en-GAL4> UAS-dDuoxIR(976-1145) adult wings revealed that the ROS concentration in the posterior compartment was significantly lower than that in the anterior compartment. Moreover, in these flies, the posterior compartment of the wing imaginal disc showed a greater number of apoptotic cells detected by immunostaining with anti-cleaved caspase-3 antibody than those in the anterior compartment. Respective knockdown of tyrosine hydroxylase or dopa-decarboxylase showed paler wing blades in the posterior compartment similar to the phenotype of dDuox-knockdown files. Along with this observation, analysis of the catecholic and dityrosine components in the wings of adult flies proved that dDuox plays important roles in the stabilization of the cuticle structure of the wings via tyrosine cross-linking, the sclerotization and melanization processes possibly through ROS production. These dDuox-knockdown fly lines would be useful tools for further studying dDuox functions during the development of Drosophila.

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PMC3190906 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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