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Wainman, A., Giansanti, M.G., Goldberg, M.L., Gatti, M. (2012). The Drosophila RZZ complex - roles in membrane trafficking and cytokinesis.  J. Cell Sci. 125(17): 4014--4025.
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The Zw10 protein, in the context of the conserved Rod-Zwilch-Zw10 (RZZ) complex, is a kinetochore component required for proper activity of the spindle assembly checkpoint in both Drosophila and mammals. In mammalian and yeast cells, the Zw10 homologues, together with the conserved RINT1/Tip20p and NAG/Sec39p proteins, form a second complex involved in vesicle transport between Golgi and ER. However, it is currently unknown whether Zw10 and the NAG family member Rod are also involved in Drosophila membrane trafficking. Here we show that Zw10 is enriched at both the Golgi stacks and the ER of Drosophila spermatocytes. Rod is concentrated at the Golgi but not at the ER, whereas Zwilch does not accumulate in any membrane compartment. Mutations in zw10 and RNAi against the Drosophila homologue of RINT1 (rint1) cause strong defects in Golgi morphology and reduce the number of Golgi stacks. Mutations in rod also affect Golgi morphology, whereas zwilch mutants do not exhibit gross Golgi defects. Loss of either Zw10 or Rint1 results in frequent failures of spermatocyte cytokinesis, whereas Rod or Zwilch are not required for this process. Spermatocytes lacking zw10 or rint1 function assemble regular central spindles and acto-myosin rings, but furrow ingression halts prematurely due to defective plasma membrane addition. Collectively, our results suggest that Zw10 and Rint1 cooperate in the ER-Golgi trafficking and in plasma membrane formation during spermatocyte cytokinesis. Our findings further suggest that Rod plays a Golgi-related function that is not required for spermatocyte cytokinesis.

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PMC3482314 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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