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Hirokawa, N. (2012.11.20). Kinesin superfamily members in D. melanogaster. 
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An accurate and comprehensive comparison of Kinesin Superfamily Proteins, in the adopted nomeclature of Kinesin families, can be found in:
Analysis of the kinesin superfamily: insights into structure and function.
Miki H, Okada Y, Hirokawa N.
Trends Cell Biol. 2005 Sep;15(9):467-76.
Based on this phylogenetic study, the KIF most closely corresponding to each Drosophila Kinesin Protein has been indicated in the chart attached. All names/symbols have been checked. I have checked and re-checked the Drosophila Kinesin - mammalian KIF relationships using various resources and have re-confirmed the corresponding KIF. I have re-named CG10845 to Klp96B in accordance to the naming convention and CG14535 is KIF26 in the 2005 review and full tree.
Hopefully, our effort will help guide researchers inside and outside of the Kinesin field through the quagmire of gene or ortholog names.
Best regards,
Nobutaka Hirokawa
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Analysis of the kinesin superfamily: insights into structure and function.
Miki et al., 2005, Trends Cell Biol. 15(9): 467--476 [FBrf0219884]

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