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modENCODE Data Coordination Center, , Contrino, S., Smith, R.N., Butano, D., Carr, A., Hu, F., Lyne, R., Rutherford, K., Kalderimis, A., Sullivan, J., Carbon, S., Kephart, E.T., Lloyd, P., Stinson, E.O., Washington, N.L., Perry, M.D., Ruzanov, P., Zha, Z., Lewis, S.E., Stein, L.D., Micklem, G.The modMine database of modENCODE data.
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modMine: flexible access to modENCODE data.
Contrino et al., 2012, Nucleic Acids Res. 40(1): D1082--D1088 [FBrf0217069]

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The modMine database ( has been built by the modENCODE Data Coordination Center to allow the broader research community to (i) search for and download data sets of interest among the thousands generated by modENCODE; (ii) access the data in an integrated form together with non-modENCODE data sets; and (iii) facilitate fine-grained analysis of the above data. The sophisticated search features are possible because of the collection of extensive experimental metadata by the consortium. Interfaces are provided to allow both biologists and bioinformaticians to exploit these rich modENCODE data sets now available via modMine.

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