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Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (Cell Stock Center), (2014.1.8). Kc167 cell lines containing phiC31 docking sites. 
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The Drosophila Genomics Resource Center cell line group have generated a set of Kc167 cell lines which contain phiC31 docking sites for use in targeted integration.
There are 3 groups, each containing a different version of the docking site.  In the first group (10 lines), the docking site contains 2 tandem attP sites, separated by an act5C-GFP reporter.  The names of the lines and the position of the inserted docking site are:
Kc167-PP-16F     X: 17988788
Kc167-PP-21B     2L: 161526
Kc167-PP-21D     2l: 479851
Kc167-PP-50Aa    2R: 9230804
Kc167-PP-50Ab    2R: 9225089
Kc167-PP-52E     2R: 12012803
Kc167-PP-61C     3L: 635370
Kc167-PP-89B     3R: 12015402 (approx.)
Kc167-PP-93E     3R: 17417036 (approx.)
Kc167-PP-99A     3R: 25113116
The second group consists of a single line with a docking site containing 2 tandem attP sites, separated by an act5C reporter and surrounded by su(Hw) insulator elements:
Kc167-IPPI-66D      3L:8679803 
The third group consists of 3 lines each containing a docking site which carries a single attP site adjacent to an amanitin-resistance marker:
Kc167-P-29F     2L: 8951197
Kc167-P-47B     2R: 6670694
Kc167-P-85F     3R: 5934250
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