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Haelterman, N., Jaiswal, M., Bellen, H. (2014.3.25). X chromosome lethal corrections. 
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Questions from FlyBase curator: In a few cases, the expected residue was not found at the reported location in the reference sequence for the X lethal mutation. Please clarify.
1. Query: shiA - Amino acid replacement: K28@.
residue 28 is Q in all isoforms
Answer: This should be K10@ 
2. Query: Nmd3A - Amino acid replacement: V4516E.
Nmd3 is only 521 aa long, must be typo. There is a V at 416
Answer: Indeed, it is supposed to be 416.
3. Query: hopC - Amino acid replacement: Q115@.
nearest Q is at 119, residue 115 is R (TGA)
Answer: Would it be possible for you to check whether in release 5.12 of the reference genome, the 115th amino acid of hopscotch is a Q and whether this represents Q119 in the current release? The raw sequence file for this mutant has been corrupted and I cannot check the sequence that surrounds the mutation.
Response: The hop protein sequence is the same in release R5.12 as in R5.56.
4. Query: ewgB - Amino acid replacement: Q80@.
no Q at 80, residue 80 is G (GGA)
Answer: It is  Q166@
5. Query: elavB - Amino acid replacement: Q364@.
no Q at 364 in any isoforms.
Answer: This should be Q122@
6. Query: DAAMA - Amino acid replacement: N360V.
no N at residue 360 in any isoforms
Answer: This should be D360V.
7. Query: COQ7B - Amino acid replacement: Y90@.
residue 90 is a W, no Y nearby
Answer: This is supposed to be W90@
8. Query: Aats-hisA - Amino acid replacement: D160V.
no D at residue 160 in any of four different isoforms
Answer: This becomes D119V (I think with the new version of the genome? We annotated our mutations on the 3rd version of the reference sequence.
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