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Romano, G., Klima, R., Buratti, E., Verstreken, P., Baralle, F.E., Feiguin, F. (2014). Chronological requirements of TDP-43 function in synaptic organization and locomotive control.  Neurobiol. Disease 71(): 95--109.
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Alterations in TDP-43 are commonly found in patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and the genetic suppression of the conserved homologue in Drosophila (TBPH) provokes alterations in the functional organization of motoneuron synaptic terminals, resulting in locomotive defects and reduced life span. To gain more insight into this pathological process, it is of fundamental importance to establish when during the fly life cycle the lack of TBPH affects motoneuron activity and whether this is a reversible phenomenon. To achieve this, we conditionally expressed the endogenous protein in TBPH minus Drosophila neurons and found that TBPH is a short lived protein permanently required for Drosophila motility and synaptic assembly through the direct modulation of vesicular proteins, such as Syntaxin 1A, indicating that synaptic transmission defects are early pathological consequences of TBPH dysfunction in vivo. Importantly, TBPH late induction is able to recover synaptogenesis and locomotion in adult flies revealing an unexpected late-stage functional and structural neuronal plasticity. These observations suggest that late therapeutic approaches based on TDP-43 functionality may also be successful for the human pathology.

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