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FlyBase Consortium, (2015). Changes affecting gene model number or type in release 2.01 of the annotated D.simulans genome due to Gnomon gene prediction runs. 
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FlyBase analysis
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Personal communication to FlyBase

Gnomon runs for Drosophila species.
Murphy, 2014.1.17, Gnomon runs for Drosophila species. [FBrf0224144]

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For each genome release, there are generally a number of changes that affect the total number or type of gene models (annotations) for that annotated genome. A summary of these changes can be found in the "Summary of changes from previous release" section of the relevant genome release on the "Release Notes" page. Specific notes concerning major changes are noted in the appropriate gene records and are attributed to a reference for that genome annotation release. This particular reference is the "FlyBase analysis" reference for release 2.01 of the annotated D.simulans genome; these gene model annotations are based on a Gnomon gene prediction set provided by the NCBI (see FBlc0000658).

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