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Kollmar, M. (2015.9.15). D.mel motor protein family/complex: Dynactin complex, Myosins and Kinesins. 
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Personal communication to FlyBase
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List of D.mel genes use in phylogenetic analyses, FBrf0207657.
Gene symbol	Family		Flybase Gene ID
Kinesin2B	KINESINS	FBgn0004380
Kinesin3C	KINESINS	FBgn0004374
Kinesin8A 	KINESINS	FBgn0004379
Kinesin13A	KINESINS	FBgn0034827
Kinesin_A	KINESINS	FBgn0003545
Kinesin6	KINESINS	FBgn0011692
Kinesin13B	KINESINS	FBgn0030268
Kinesin11	KINESINS	FBgn0031955
Kinesin_B	KINESINS	FBgn0000352
Kinesin2C	KINESINS	FBgn0039925
Kinesin4C	KINESINS	FBgn0002948
Kinesin13C	KINESINS	FBgn0034824
Kinesin7A	KINESINS	FBgn0040233
Kinesin4A	KINESINS	FBgn0263076
Kinesin3D	KINESINS	FBgn0032243
Kinesin7B	KINESINS	FBgn0004387
Kinesin2A	KINESINS	FBgn0040232
Kinesin1	KINESINS	FBgn0004381
Kinesin14	KINESINS	FBgn0001308
Kinesin3A	KINESINS	FBgn0002924
Kinesin3B	KINESINS	FBgn0019968
Kinesin4B	KINESINS	FBgn0267002
Kinesin5	KINESINS	FBgn0011606
Kinesin8B	KINESINS	FBgn0004378
Kinesin12 	KINESINS	FBgn0038205
Myo1A		MYOSINS		FBgn0011225
Myo1B		MYOSINS		FBgn0002938
Myo1C		MYOSINS		FBgn0261397
Mhc1		MYOSINS		FBgn0086347
Mhc2		MYOSINS		FBgn0010246
Myo3A		MYOSINS		FBgn0262029
Myo5		MYOSINS		FBgn0039157
Myo6		MYOSINS		FBgn0264695
Myo7A		MYOSINS		FBgn0026059
Myo7B		MYOSINS		FBgn0000317
Myo15		MYOSINS		FBgn0265434
Myo18		MYOSINS		FBgn0040299
Myo20		MYOSINS		FBgn0263705
Dynactin5 p25		DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0040228
Dynactin1 p150 B	DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0036882
Dynactin1 p150 A	DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0001108
Dynactin6 p27		DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0086446
Dynactin2 p50		DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0021825
Dynactin4 p62		DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0033206
Dynactin3 p24		DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0010622
Actin related protein 1		DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0011745
Actin related protein 11	DYNACTIN COMPLEX		FBgn0031050
Related Publication(s)
Research paper

Reconstructing the phylogeny of 21 completely sequenced arthropod species based on their motor proteins.
Odronitz et al., 2009, BMC Genomics 10: 173 [FBrf0207657]

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Idendity of D.mel genes in Figure 1 (Myosisns), Figure 3 (Kinesins), Figure 6 (Dynactin complex).

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