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Skrajna, A., Yang, X.C., Bucholc, K., Zhang, J., Hall, T.M.T., Dadlez, M., Marzluff, W.F., Dominski, Z. (2017). U7 snRNP is recruited to histone pre-mRNA in a FLASH-dependent manner by two separate regions of the stem-loop binding protein.  RNA 23(6): 938--951.
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Research paper

Cleavage of histone pre-mRNAs at the 3' end requires stem-loop binding protein (SLBP) and U7 snRNP that consists of U7 snRNA and a unique Sm ring containing two U7-specific proteins: Lsm10 and Lsm11. Lsm11 interacts with FLASH and together they bring a subset of polyadenylation factors to U7 snRNP, including the CPSF73 endonuclease that cleaves histone pre-mRNA. SLBP binds to a conserved stem-loop structure upstream of the cleavage site and acts by promoting an interaction between the U7 snRNP and a sequence element located downstream from the cleavage site. We show that both human and Drosophila SLBPs stabilize U7 snRNP on histone pre-mRNA via two regions that are not directly involved in recognizing the stem-loop structure: helix B of the RNA binding domain and the C-terminal region that follows the RNA binding domain. Stabilization of U7 snRNP binding to histone pre-mRNA by SLBP requires FLASH but not the polyadenylation factors. Thus, FLASH plays two roles in 3' end processing of histone pre-mRNAs: It interacts with Lsm11 to form a docking platform for the polyadenylation factors, and it cooperates with SLBP to recruit U7 snRNP to histone pre-mRNA.

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PMC5435866 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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