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Chen, Y., Cameron, S., Chang, W.T., Rao, Y. (2017). Turtle interacts with borderless in regulating glial extension and axon ensheathment.  Mol. Brain 10(1): 17.
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Proper recognition between axons and glial processes is required for the establishment of axon ensheathment in the developing nervous system. Recent studies have begun to reveal molecular events underlying developmental control of axon-glia recognition. In our previous work, we showed that the transmembrane protein Borderless (Bdl) is specifically expressed in wrapping glia (WG), and is required for the extension of glial processes and the ensheathment of photoreceptor axons in the developing Drosophila visual system. The exact mechanism by which Bdl mediates axon-glia recognition, however, remains unknown. Here, we present evidence showing that Bdl interacts with the Ig transmembrane protein Turtle (Tutl). Tutl is specifically expressed in photoreceptor axons. Loss of tutl in photoreceptors, like loss of bdl in WG, disrupts glial extension and axon ensheatment. Epistasis analysis shows that Tutl interacts genetically with Bdl. Tutl interacts with Bdl in trans in cultured cells. We propose that Tutl interacts with Bdl in mediating axon-glia recognition for WG extension and axon ensheathment.

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PMC5442652 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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