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Kairamkonda, S., Nongthomba, U. (2018). Beadex, a Drosophila LIM domain only protein, function in follicle cells is essential for egg development and fertility.  Exp. Cell Res. 367(1): 97--103.
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LIM domain, constituted by two tandem C2H2 zinc finger motif, proteins regulate several biological processes. They are usually found associated with various functional domains like Homeodomain, kinase domain and other protein binding domains. LIM proteins that are devoid of other domains are called LIM only proteins (LMO). LMO proteins were first identified in humans and are implicated in development and oncogenesis. They regulate various cell specifications by regulating the activity of respective transcriptional complexes. The Drosophila LMO protein (dLMO), Beadex (Bx), regulates various developmental processes like wing margin development and bristle development. It also regulates Drosophila behavior in response to cocaine and ethanol. We have previously generated Bx null flies and shown its essential function in neurons for multiple aspects of female reproduction. However, it was not known whether Bx affects reproduction through its independent function in ovaries. In this paper we show that female flies null for Bx lay eggs with multiple defects. Further, through knock down studies we demonstrate that function of Bx in follicle cells is required for normal egg development. We also show that function of Bx is particularly required in border cells for Drosophila fertility.

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