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Xun, Q., Bi, C., Cui, X., Wu, H., Wang, M., Liao, Y., Wang, R., Xie, H., Shen, Z., Fang, M. (2018). MagT1 is essential for Drosophila development through the shaping of Wingless and Decapentaplegic signaling pathways.  Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 503(2): 1148--1153.
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Magnesium transporter subtype 1 (MagT1) is a magnesium membrane transporter with channel like properties. We have previously identified MagT1 (CG7830) in Drosophila genome and characterized its protein product by electrophysiological means. Here, we report the generation of fly MagT1 mutants and show that MagT1 is essential for early embryonic development. In wings and primordial wings, by clonal analysis and RNAi knock down of MagT1, we have found that loss of MagT1 results in enhanced/ectopic Wingless (Wg, a fly Wnt) signaling and disrupted Decapentaplegic (Dpp) signaling, indicating the crucial role of MagT1 for fly development at later stages. Finally, we demonstrate directly that magnesium transportations are proportional with the MagT1 expressional levels in Drosophila S2  cells. Taken together, these findings may suggest that MagT1 is a major magnesium transporter/channel profoundly involved in fly development by affecting developmental signaling pathways, such as Wg and Dpp signaling.

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