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Liu, Y., Fang, Y., Liu, Y., Wang, Z., Lyu, B., Hu, Y., Zhou, X. (2019). Opposite effects of Drosophila C3PO on gene silencing mediated by esi-2.1 and miRNA-bantam.  Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sinica 51(2): 131--138.
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Translin/TRAX complex, also named as C3PO, is evolutionarily conserved and participates in diverse cellular processes in different organisms from yeast to human. C3PO plays a critical role in the activation of RNA-induced silencing complexes by promoting the unwinding and degradation of passenger strand of exogenous siRNAs (exo-siRNAs) in Drosophila and human. Moreover, human C3PO (hC3PO) has been found to broadly repress miRNAs by degrading miRNA precursors. However, the effect of Drosophila melanogaster C3PO (dmC3PO) on endogenous siRNA (endo-siRNA) and miRNA pathways remains unknown. Here, we found that the loss of dmC3PO promoted the accumulation of the passenger strand of esi-2.1 (hp-CG4068B), and resulted in the de-repression of the DNA-damage-response gene mutagensensitive 308 (mus308), which is an endogenous slicer target of esi-2.1 in Drosophila. Moreover, we also found that depletion of dmC3PO increased the accumulation of miR-bantam. Taken together, our findings indicated that dmC3PO not only involves in siRNA pathway triggered by dsRNA, but also regulates the abundance of certain endogenous small RNAs in Drosophila.

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    Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sinica
    Acta Biochimica Biophysica Sinica [Zhongguo ke xue yuan]
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    1672-9145 1745-7270
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