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Vrailas-Mortimer, A.D., Aggarwal, N., Ahmed, N.N., Alberts, I.M., Alhawasli, M., Aljerdi, I.A., Allen, B.M., Alnajar, A.M., Anderson, M.A., Armstong, R., Avery, C.C., Avila, E.J., Baker, T.N., Basardeh, S., Bates, N.A., Beidas, F.N., Bosler, A.C., Brewer, D.M., Buenaventura, R.S., Burrell, N.J., Cabrera-Lopez, A.P., Cervantes-Gonzalez, A.B., Cezar, R.P., Coronel, J., Croslyn, C., Damery, K.R., Diaz-Alavez, L., Dixit, N.P., Duarte, D.L., Emke, A.R., English, K., Eshun, A.A., Esterly, S.R., Estrada, A.J., Feng, M., Freund, M.M., Garcia, N., Ghotra, C.S., Ghyasi, H., Hale, C.S., Hulsman, L., Jamerson, L., Jones, A.K., Kuczynski, M., Lacey-Kennedy, T.N., Lee, M.J., Mahjoub, T., Mersinger, M.C., Muckerheide, A.D., Myers, D.W., Nielsen, K., Nosowicz, P.J., Nunez, J.A., Ortiz, A.C., Patel, T.T., Perry, N.N., Poser, W.S.A., Puga, D.M., Quam, C., Quintana-Lopez, P., Rennerfeldt, P., Reyes, N.M., Rines, I.G., Roberts, C., Robinson, D.B., Rossa, K.M., Ruhlmann, G.J., Schmidt, J., Sherwood, J.R., Shonoda, D.H., Soellner, H., Torrez, J.C., Velide, M., Weinzapfel, Z., Ward, A.C., Bieser, K.L., Merkle, J.A., Stamm, J.C., Tillett, R.L., Kagey, J.D. (2021). B.2.16 is a non-lethal modifier of the Dark82 mosaic eye phenotype in Drosophila melanogaster.  MicroPubl Biol 2021(): .
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Research paper

Genetic screens have been used to identify genes involved in the regulation of different biological processes. We identified growth mutants in a Flp/FRT screen using the Drosophila melanogaster eye to identify conditional regulators of cell growth and cell division. One mutant identified from this screen, B.2.16, was mapped and characterized by researchers in undergraduate genetics labs as part of the Fly-CURE. We find that B.2.16 is a non-lethal genetic modifier of the Dark82 mosaic eye phenotype.

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PMC7812380 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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