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Winbush, A., Singh, N.D. (2021). Genomics of Recombination Rate Variation in Temperature-Evolved Drosophila melanogaster Populations.  Genome Biol. Evol. 13(1): evaa252.
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Research paper

Meiotic recombination is a critical process that ensures proper segregation of chromosome homologs through DNA double-strand break repair mechanisms. Rates of recombination are highly variable among various taxa, within species, and within genomes with far-reaching evolutionary and genomic consequences. The genetic basis of recombination rate variation is therefore crucial in the study of evolutionary biology but remains poorly understood. In this study, we took advantage of a set of experimental temperature-evolved populations of Drosophila melanogaster with heritable differences in recombination rates depending on the temperature regime in which they evolved. We performed whole-genome sequencing and identified several chromosomal regions that appear to be divergent depending on temperature regime. In addition, we identify a set of single-nucleotide polymorphisms and associated genes with significant differences in allele frequency when the different temperature populations are compared. Further refinement of these gene candidates emphasizing those expressed in the ovary and associated with DNA binding reveals numerous potential candidate genes such as Hr38, EcR, and mamo responsible for observed differences in recombination rates in these experimental evolution lines thus providing insight into the genetic basis of recombination rate variation.

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PMC7851596 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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    Genome Biol. Evol.
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