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Bornstein, B., Meltzer, H., Adler, R., Alyagor, I., Berkun, V., Cummings, G., Reh, F., Keren-Shaul, H., David, E., Riemensperger, T., Schuldiner, O. (2021). Transneuronal Dpr12/DIP-δ interactions facilitate compartmentalized dopaminergic innervation of Drosophila mushroom body axons.  EMBO J. 40(12): e105763.
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The mechanisms controlling wiring of neuronal networks are not completely understood. The stereotypic architecture of the Drosophila mushroom body (MB) offers a unique system to study circuit assembly. The adult medial MB γ-lobe is comprised of a long bundle of axons that wire with specific modulatory and output neurons in a tiled manner, defining five distinct zones. We found that the immunoglobulin superfamily protein Dpr12 is cell-autonomously required in γ-neurons for their developmental regrowth into the distal γ4/5 zones, where both Dpr12 and its interacting protein, DIP-δ, are enriched. DIP-δ functions in a subset of dopaminergic neurons that wire with γ-neurons within the γ4/5 zone. During metamorphosis, these dopaminergic projections arrive to the γ4/5 zone prior to γ-axons, suggesting that γ-axons extend through a prepatterned region. Thus, Dpr12/DIP-δ transneuronal interaction is required for γ4/5 zone formation. Our study sheds light onto molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying circuit formation within subcellular resolution.

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PMC8204868 (PMC) (EuropePMC)
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Location data for dpr12[Delta50-81] deletion.
Meltzer, 2021.8.20, Location data for dpr12[Delta50-81] deletion. [FBrf0250301]

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