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D. melanogaster
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GenBank Nucleotide - A collection of sequences from several sources, including GenBank, RefSeq, TPA, and PDB.
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22 in euchromatin of Release 3 genome annotation, of which all are full length.

TE copies retrieved from release 5.1 of the D. melanogaster genome.:24

Target Site Duplication

The distribution of transposable elements within heterochromatin indicates that they are major structural components of the heterochromatin.

The spatial and temporal expression patterns of fifteen families of retrotransposons are analysed during embryogenesis and are found to be conserved. Results suggest that all families carry cis-acting elements that control their spatial and temporal expression patterns.

Stability of 11 transposable element families compared by Southern blotting among individuals of lines that had been subjected to 30 generations of sister sib matings. 412, roo, blood, 297, 1731 and G-element all appear stable, whereas copia, hobo, I-element, gypsy and jockey elements show instability.

A polymorphism due to the insertion of a 7.2 kb long blood element at cytological location 32E has been identified in certain abo stocks. These stocks display an abo maternal effect phenotype. Wild type and certain abo homozygous strains do not contain the element and have lost the abo maternal effect.

First identified as an insertion associated with the mutation wbl. The putative primer binding site is similar to those for 412 and mdg1 elements, suggesting that the primer may be an arginine tRNA. Restriction map in Lindsley, Zimm, 1992: 1098.

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GenBank Nucleotide - A collection of sequences from several sources, including GenBank, RefSeq, TPA, and PDB.
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blood element
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  • FBgn0062419
  • FBgn0000199
  • FBtp0011415
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