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D. melanogaster
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"mini-me" elements from separate species show an overall lack of sequence identity but have a number of shared features. Perfect inverted repeats are conserved at both termini of the "mini-me" elements. At the 5' end, the inverted repeat is partially duplicated, forming a complementary palindrome. The 3' inverted repeat is located at a slightly preterminal position. A core 33bp motif that begins approximately 110bp from the 5' end of the element is also conserved, having approximately 80% sequence identity across all copies of the "mini-me" element analysed. A (TA)n-producing proto-microsatellite is present upstream of the 33bp core region and a (GTCY)n-producing proto-microsatellite is present downstream of the 33bp core region. The region between the (GTCY)n proto-microsatellite and the 3' subterminal inverted repeat is not conserved between species and can be extremely variable between copies of "mini-me" elements within a species. INE-1 elements account for approximately 1.2% of the D.melanogaster genome. INE-1 elements are 3 times more abundant on chromosome 4 as in the genome as a whole.

A repeated sequence mostly found on chromosome 4.

INE-1 has a suggested role in the heterochromatic nature of chromosome 4.

The "Dr. D" repetitive sequence (described in FBrf0048918) contains sequences of both INE-1 and 1360 transposable elements.

INE-1 elements are distributed throughout the banded region of chromosome 4, at the base of the major chromosome arms, at several telomeres and within the chromocentre.

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GenBank Nucleotide - A collection of sequences from several sources, including GenBank, RefSeq, TPA, and PDB.
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Interspersed element 1
Interspersed repeat element
microsatellite initiating mobile element
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  • FBgn0026556
  • FBgn0000126
  • FBgn0026416
  • FBtp0019255
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