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D. melanogaster
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24 in euchromatin of Release 3 genome annotation, of which 16 are full length.

TE copies retrieved from release 5.1 of the D. melanogaster genome.:25

Target Site Duplication
Curated drosophilid orthologs

An insertion of P{SUPor-P} into a opus has been identified by virtue of decreasing transmission of Dp(1;f)J21A to offspring to 20%.

opus is a retrovirus-like transposable element that is closely related to gypsy.

Cloned as a consequence of its expression in the terminal filament cells of ovarioles.

Estimating the genomic numbers of transposable elements demonstrates many families of element are over-represented in heterochromatin.

The spatial and temporal expression patterns of fifteen families of retrotransposons are analysed during embryogenesis and are found to be conserved. Results suggest that all families carry cis-acting elements that control their spatial and temporal expression patterns.

Element copy numbers on inversion and standard chromosomes has been determined. The copy number is significantly higher within low frequency inversions than within the corresponding standard chromosome regions.

First identified as insertion associated with the mutation fa. This is a copia-like element. The map and sequences from the ends of the LTRs were reported by Kidd and Young (1986). The only element studied so far was flanked by the sequence TATATA. This is probably the target site duplication, although it could be part of the inverted repeats at the ends of the LTRs. Restriction map in Lindsley, Zimm, 1992: 1104. yoyo first recognised by a match between an STS sequence and the C.capitata yoyo element; subsequently an apparently complete element was found on Berkeley P1 clone DS01219.

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GenBank Nucleotide - A collection of sequences from several sources, including GenBank, RefSeq, TPA, and PDB.
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opus element
yoyo element
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  • FBgn0062427
  • FBgn0046782
  • FBgn0026584
  • FBgn0024848
  • FBgn0021759
  • FBgn0015746
  • FBtp0011470
  • FBgn0003007
  • FBtp0011455
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