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D. melanogaster
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T80-Gal4, T80Gal4, T80, Gal4-T80, T80.Gal4, T80 GAL4
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GAL4 reporter/driver

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viable, fertile
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Additional Information

Drives expression in imaginal discs.

Expression in the midgut is found in a distinct group of Dh31-expressing enteroendocrine cells located at the junction region of the anterior midgut and the acid-secreting portion of the larval midgut. This junction region occurs at a conspicuous and characteristic U-shaped bend in the gut. These are referred to as the "midgut junction Dh31-expressing cells".

Expression of Scer\GAL4T80 is described as being pan-imaginal discs.

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Viability not confirmed.Generated by J. Urban and G. Technau.

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P{GawBT80, w+}
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  • FBti0001265
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