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General Information
D. melanogaster
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omb-Gal4, bi-GAL4, ombGAL4, P[GAL4]biomb-Gal4, omb-GAL42
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GAL4 reporter/driver

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(Ganguly et al., 2021, Cho et al., 2020, Nagel et al., 2020, Raj et al., 2020, Svendsen et al., 2019, Wolf et al., 2019, Dardalhon-Cuménal et al., 2018, Liu et al., 2018, Suzuki et al., 2018, Brockmann et al., 2014, Lüchtenborg et al., 2014, Maier et al., 2013, Gibert et al., 2011, Kurth et al., 2011, Maier et al., 2011, Pueyo and Couso, 2011, Kugler and Nagel, 2010, Oros et al., 2010, Svendsen et al., 2009, Kugler and Nagel, 2007, Makhijani et al., 2007, Shinza-Kameda et al., 2006, Vidal et al., 2006, Zhang et al., 2006, Galindo et al., 2005, Lim et al., 2005, Singh et al., 2005, Yoshida et al., 2005, del Alamo Rodriguez et al., 2004, Martin et al., 2004, Rodriguez, 2004, Singh et al., 2004, Strutt et al., 2004, Tsai and Sun, 2004, Wu et al., 2004, Estella et al., 2003, Giagtzoglou et al., 2003, Tomlinson, 2003, Azpiazu and Morata, 2002, Galindo et al., 2002, Giráldez et al., 2002, Kopp and Duncan, 2002, Lawrence et al., 2002, Singh et al., 2002, Apidianakis et al., 2001, Lee et al., 2001, Pavlopoulos et al., 2001, Rangarajan et al., 2001, Azpiazu and Morata, 2000, Blaumueller and Mlodzik, 2000, Calleja et al., 2000, Nagel et al., 2000, Wang et al., 2000, Collins et al., 1999, Hays et al., 1999, Holmes and Heilig, 1999, Jazwinska et al., 1999, Kopp et al., 1999, Ligoxygakis et al., 1999, Rangarajan et al., 1999, Zeidler et al., 1999, Dominguez et al., 1998, Milan et al., 1998, Rorth et al., 1998, Gorfinkiel et al., 1997, Kopp and Duncan, 1997, Brook and Cohen, 1996, Lecuit et al., 1996)
Expression Data
Reporter Expression
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
wing disc | distal

Comment: reference states 30 hr APF

wing disc | restricted

Comment: reference states 30 hr APF

Additional Information

Drives expression in a broad central stripe in the wing pouch, the wing hinge primordium, and the pleura primordium, but not within the notum anlage, in the wing disc. Drives expression in the dorsal tibia in the larval and pupal leg discs.

Scer\GAL4bi-omb-Gal4 drives expression in a wide band centered on the A/P boundary in the wing pouch and wing hinge primorium areas of the wing disc.

Larval expression is observed in the wing pouch of the dorsal mesothoracic disc. Representative image can be seen in FBrf074525, Figure 4A.

Expression is observed in each abdominal segment, both dorsally and ventrally, as a single stripe spanning the AP border and including the rear of the A compartment and the front region of the P compartment.

In the pupal wing, a broad domain of expression is observed that extends posteriorly from midway between veins L1 and L2, across the compartment boundary, to midway between veins L4 and L5 in the posterior compartment.

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optomotor blind (omb)-GAL4
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