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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Also Known As
C929-GAL4, dimm-GAL4, C929, P{GawB}crc929, c929GAL4
Inserted Element

GAL4 reporter/driver

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2L ( 39C2 )
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39C2 (inferred by FlyBase from sequence location)
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Insertion into Natural transposon
Comments concerning location

The insertion site was mapped within a SstI-EcoRI fragment in the large intron. The orientation of the insertion was not reported.

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(Fernandez-Chiappe et al., 2021, Herrero et al., 2020, Lee et al., 2020, Maurer et al., 2020, Babski et al., 2019, Hill et al., 2019, Moss-Taylor et al., 2019, Schlichting et al., 2019, Yang and Edery, 2019, Bai et al., 2018, Cusumano et al., 2018, Diesner et al., 2018, Feng et al., 2018, Herlo et al., 2018, Li et al., 2018, Valadas et al., 2018, Chng et al., 2017, Kim et al., 2017, Liang et al., 2017, Li et al., 2017, Pathak et al., 2017, Song et al., 2017, Søvik et al., 2017, Petruccelli et al., 2016, Shimada et al., 2016, Bai and Sehgal, 2015, Jeong et al., 2015, Shankar et al., 2015, Cavanaugh et al., 2014, Davis et al., 2014, Kayser et al., 2014, Lamba et al., 2014, Park et al., 2014, Yuan et al., 2014, He et al., 2013, Holst et al., 2013, Li et al., 2013, Losada-Pérez et al., 2013, Jepson et al., 2012, Saleem et al., 2012, Sundram et al., 2012, Yao et al., 2012, Demilly et al., 2011, Hwang and Rulifson, 2011, Jepson et al., 2011, Kahsai and Winther, 2011, Agrawal et al., 2010, Im and Taghert, 2010, Kahsai et al., 2010, Donlea et al., 2009, Grönke et al., 2009, Jansen et al., 2009, Peabody et al., 2009, Shafer and Taghert, 2009, Yew et al., 2009, Hong et al., 2008, Kaplan et al., 2008, Morton et al., 2008, Nässel et al., 2008, Parisky et al., 2008, Park et al., 2008, Peabody et al., 2008, Shang et al., 2008, Zhao et al., 2008, Cerrato et al., 2006, Hewes et al., 2006, Luan et al., 2006, Johnson et al., 2005, Grima et al., 2004, Joshi et al., 2004, Miguel-Aliaga et al., 2004, Osterwalder et al., 2004, Park et al., 2004, Suster et al., 2004, Wegener et al., 2004, Astle et al., 2003, Hewes et al., 2003, Marques et al., 2003, Schroeder et al., 2003, Suster et al., 2003, Seroude et al., 2002, Taghert et al., 2001, Hewes et al., 2000, Hewes et al., 1997, Schaefer and Taghert, 1995)
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distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Additional Information

Drives expression in peptidergic neurons.

Scer\GAL4dimm-929 drives expression in peptidergic neurons in the adult brain.

The dimm reporter is co-expressed with ITP in ipc-1 and ipc-2a neurons. Three of the ipc-2 neurons do not express the reporter. Coexpression of dimm reported and Tk is also observed in the ipc-1 and ipc-2a neurons.

Scer\GAL4dimm-929 is expressed in the pupal Pdf neuron close to tritocerebrum, which survive in newly eclosed adults but rapidly undergo apoptosis shortly thereafter.

Scer\GAL4dimm-929 is expressed in a series of lateral abdominal neurons, and in some insulin-like producing cells (IPCs).

Co-localisation of Scer\GAL4dimm-929 and Phm is observed in most of the 200 Scer\GAL4dimm-929-positive neurons of the central nervous system, corpus cardiacum, 10-20 midgut cells, peritracheal cells and lateral Kolbchen lbd neurons. Co-localisation with FMRFa, Crz, Fur1 or CCAP proteins is detected in subsets or neurons in the central nervous system.

In larva, expressed in peptidergic neurons of the CNS, intrinsic cells of the ring gland, salivary glands, fat body, patches of the epidermis, the PM peritracheal cells and a few other scattered locations; very restricted expression in the imaginal discs; no detectable expression in the skeletal muscles or the adbominal histoblasts.

Expression is observed in peritracheal cells prior to second to third instar larval ecdysis.

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The P{GawB}crc929 insertion maps within a SstI-EcoRI fragment in the large intron. The orientation of the insertion was not reported.

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dimm (c929)-GAL4
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