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D. melanogaster
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C96-GAL4, C96Gal4, C96, C96 Gal4
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GAL4 reporter/driver

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Drives expression in a broad band at the presumptive wing margin of the wing disc.

Expression is seen in anterior and posterior polar cells at early stages in the egg chamber. By stages 9 and 10, expression is found in the majority of follicle cells including border cells.

In the late embryo, Scer\GAL4bbg-C96 drives expression in sensory neurons of the abdomen, including in sensory organs associated with the posterior spiracles and the telson; in muscle cells of the developing pharynx, and in the salivary glands. Scer\GAL4bbg-C96 drives broad expression in the larval central nervous system. Scer\GAL4bbg-C96 drives expression in a broad stripe at the presumptive wing margin in the wing disc, and in cells that correspond to the future sense organs of ventral radius of the wing hinge; in a similar pattern in the haltere disc; in a punctate pattern posterior to the morphogenetic furrow in the eye disc; and in several specific cells within the presumptive second segment of the antennal disc. There is no significant expression in the leg discs.

Scer\GAL4bbg-C96 drives expression along the D/V boundary in the wing disc.

In third instar larval eye-antennal disc, expression in a small group of cells in the posterior of antennal disc. In the wing disc, expression in wing margin precursor cells.

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  • FBti0004031
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