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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Also Known As
esg-GAL4, esgGal4, escargot-gal4, esgGal4NP5130, esg::Gal4, NP5130
Inserted Element

GAL4 reporter/driver

Affected gene(s)
Viability / fertility
fertile, viable
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Genomic Location
Chromosomal Location
2L ( 35D2 )
Sequence Location
2L:15,333,772..15,333,772 [-]
Target / Docking site
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A set of transgenic insertion stocks derived by TE mobilization using the P-element construct P{GawB}. The P{GawB} construct carries a w+mW.hs mini-white visible marker and Scer\GAL4 driver/enhancer trap sequences. The GAL4-UAS system is a binary system using Scer\GAL4, a yeast transcription activator protein gene, and Scer\UAS, the DNA binding site for the GAL4 protein. The P{GawB} construct acts as an enhancer trap: expression of the GAL4 is sensitive to enhancers in the genomic region of an insertion. When paired with a construct or insertion carrying a reporter gene downstream of Scer\UAS, the reporter gene is driven by and reflects the expression of the GAL4.

Detailed Mapping Data
Chromosome (arm)
Sequence Location
2L:15,333,772..15,333,772 [-]
Cytological location (computed by FlyBase)
35D2 (inferred by FlyBase from sequence location)
Cytological location (reported)
Insertion into Natural transposon
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Inserted Element
Location-dependent role
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Component Allele(s)
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Alleles and Phenotypes
(Buddika et al., 2021, Jin et al., 2021, Koreman et al., 2021, Lu et al., 2021, Mok and Choi, 2021, Mukherjee et al., 2021, Nagai et al., 2021, Nászai et al., 2021, Nirala et al., 2021, Parkhitko et al., 2021, Resnik-Docampo et al., 2021, Tamamouna et al., 2021, Tang et al., 2021, Wu et al., 2021, Zhao et al., 2021, Arnaoutov et al., 2020, Bajpai et al., 2020, Iijima et al., 2020, Jin et al., 2020, Meng et al., 2020, Upadhyay et al., 2020, Weaver et al., 2020, Xu et al., 2020, Gultekin and Steller, 2019, Nakano et al., 2019, Wang et al., 2019, Xu et al., 2019, Iatsenko et al., 2018, Obata et al., 2018, Petrovsky and Großhans, 2018, Xu et al., 2018, Yin and Xi, 2018, Zhai et al., 2018, McClelland et al., 2017, Ngo et al., 2017, Requena et al., 2017, Tian et al., 2017, Zhai et al., 2017, Nagy et al., 2016, Singh et al., 2016, Wang et al., 2016, Beehler-Evans and Micchelli, 2015, Jin et al., 2015, Kwon et al., 2015, Liu et al., 2015, Lu and Li, 2015, Meng and Biteau, 2015, Nie et al., 2015, Park et al., 2015, Wang et al., 2015, Yu et al., 2015, Zhai et al., 2015, Banerjee and Chinthapalli, 2014, Berns et al., 2014, Cordero et al., 2014, Huang et al., 2014, Huang et al., 2014, Markstein et al., 2014, Montagne and Gonzalez-Gaitan, 2014, Song et al., 2014, Wang et al., 2014, Yu et al., 2014, Buchon et al., 2013, Guo et al., 2013, Hatini et al., 2013, Jin et al., 2013, Karpac et al., 2013, Kwon et al., 2013, Lee et al., 2013, Lin et al., 2013, Ma et al., 2013, Pitsouli and Perrimon, 2013, Quan et al., 2013, Roti et al., 2013, Tang et al., 2013, Wang et al., 2013, Bangi et al., 2012, Bond and Foley, 2012, Osman et al., 2012, Glittenberg et al., 2011, Lee et al., 2011, Narbonne-Reveau et al., 2011, Biteau et al., 2010, Buchon et al., 2010, Ngo et al., 2010, Ninov et al., 2010, Park et al., 2010, Pitsouli and Perrimon, 2010, Ren et al., 2010, Wang et al., 2010, Zeng et al., 2010, Buchon et al., 2009, Chatterjee and Ip, 2009, Cronin et al., 2009, Lee et al., 2009, McKay et al., 2009, Choi et al., 2008, Villányi et al., 2008, Zmojdzian et al., 2008, Ninov et al., 2007, Martin and Morata, 2006, Micchelli and Perrimon, 2006, Venkei et al., 2006, Kondoh et al., 2003, Lee and Kolodziej, 2002, Goto and Hayashi, 1999)
Expression Data
Reporter Expression
distribution deduced from reporter
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Additional Information

Drives expression in histoblasts and histoblast nests, in enteroblasts, and in intestinal stem cells.

Scer\GAL4NP5130 drives expression in abdominal histoblast nests and histoblasts, but not in cuticular larval epidermal cells.

Scer\GAL4NP5130 expression is observed in 36% of small cells that occupy a basal position within the adult midgut epithelium.

About half of esg-positive (Scer\GAL4NP5130 expression) cells lack N signalling (do not express Ecol\lacZDdc.be2.E(spl)m8-HLH); these exhibit characteristics of intestinal stem cells and enteroblasts.

Expression in second instar leg discs is excluded from the distal-most regions. Third instar expression is observed in the proximal region of the leg discs.

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Location 2L:15329700-15329701 refined by FlyBase alignment of dbGSS accession AG218990 to D. melanogaster arm Release_4 and heterochromatin Release_3.2b. Insertion orientation revised.

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escargo Gal4
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