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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Also Known As
tj-gal4, traffic jam-Gal4, NP1624, tj:GAL4, tj-GAL4NP1624
Inserted Element

GAL4 reporter/driver

Affected gene(s)
Viability / fertility
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Genomic Location
Chromosomal Location
2L ( 37E3 )
Sequence Location
2L:19,464,055..19,464,055 [+]
Target / Docking site
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A set of transgenic insertion stocks derived by TE mobilization using the P-element construct P{GawB}. The P{GawB} construct carries a w+mW.hs mini-white visible marker and Scer\GAL4 driver/enhancer trap sequences. The GAL4-UAS system is a binary system using Scer\GAL4, a yeast transcription activator protein gene, and Scer\UAS, the DNA binding site for the GAL4 protein. The P{GawB} construct acts as an enhancer trap: expression of the GAL4 is sensitive to enhancers in the genomic region of an insertion. When paired with a construct or insertion carrying a reporter gene downstream of Scer\UAS, the reporter gene is driven by and reflects the expression of the GAL4.

Detailed Mapping Data
Chromosome (arm)
Sequence Location
2L:19,464,055..19,464,055 [+]
Cytological location (computed by FlyBase)
37E3 (inferred by FlyBase from sequence location)
Cytological location (reported)
Insertion into Natural transposon
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Inserted Element
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Alleles and Phenotypes
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GenBank Nucleotide - A collection of sequences from several sources, including GenBank, RefSeq, TPA, and PDB.

Location 2L:19459983-19459984 refined by FlyBase alignment of dbGSS accession AG216585 to D. melanogaster arm Release_4 and heterochromatin Release_3.2b. Insertion orientation revised.

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Traffic Jam-GAL4
Traffic jam-GAL4
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