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General Information
D. melanogaster
FlyBase ID
Inserted Element
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Genomic Location
Chromosomal Location
3L ( 67D9 )
Sequence Location
3L:10,163,626..10,163,626 [-]
Target / Docking site
Member of Large Scale Dataset(s)
Additional lines were created and assessed; in total, the collection comprises 7434 insertions in 7400 lines associated with 4367 genes; 34 lines contain two insertions each. Insertions within introns flanked by coding exons were characterized further and described as:
Bronze set: 328 insertions in alternative coding that permit tagging of less than 50% of annotated protein isoforms.
Gold set: 1732 insertions in constitutive coding introns that permit tagging of all annotated protein isoforms.
Silver set: 814 insertions in alternative coding introns that permit tagging of more than 50% of annotated protein isoforms.
A set of transgenic insertion stocks derived by TE mobilization using the Dhyd\Minos-based construct Mi{MIC}; created and vetted by the Gene Disruption Project (GDP). The Mi{MIC} construct carries the mini-yellow marker y+mDint2 and Avic\GFP (a fluorescent marker) associated with a mutagenic gene-trap cassette. Two phiC31\attP sites are located immediately within the Dhyd\Minos termini, flanking the EGFP and yellow markers, allowing replacement with DNA of interest using Recombination Mediated Cassette Exchange (RMCE) methodology.
Detailed Mapping Data
Chromosome (arm)
Sequence Location
3L:10,163,626..10,163,626 [-]
Cytological location (computed by FlyBase)
67D9 (inferred by FlyBase from sequence location)
Cytological location (reported)
67D9 (reported as inferred from sequence location)
Insertion into Natural transposon
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