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FLPm4 recombinase

FLPm4 is an engineered variant of the FLP recombinase encoded by the Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2μ plasmid, containing the mutations G5D, K82Y and V226A relative to FLPG5 (FBrf0213120, PMID:12547191). The target-site specificity of this variant is altered compared to wild-type FLP recombinase, such that FLPm4 is largely only compatible with the mFRT11 target site, a derivative of FRT that contains mutations in its inverted repeats (PMID:11917027, PMID:12547191). FLPm4 mediates recombination between a pair of mFRT11 sites. The recombination event results in genetic modification, the nature of which is influenced by the relative orientation (direct or inverted), location and composition of the two target sites. The types of possible modification include deletion of DNA, generation of chromosomal rearrangements and integration of DNA into the genome (reviewed in FBrf0231034).

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FLPm4 shows some cross-reactivity towards the FRT site in an in vivo excision assay: recombination efficiency towards FRT is approximately one-quarter of that seen towards mFRT11.

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