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UAS-ArmS10, UAS-ArmS10, UAS-armact, armS10, UAS-Arm*, UASarmS10, UAS-arm.S10, UASarm*, UAS-Arm-S10, UAS-armadilloS10
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Component allele armS10.UAS.Tag:MYC
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A truncated arm protein, lacking amino acids 34 to 87 and tagged with Tag:MYC, is expressed under the control of UASt regulatory sequences. The protein produced is constitutively active in wg signalling, but functions normally at adherens junctions.

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Molecular data

A truncated arm protein, lacking amino acids 34 to 87 and tagged with Tag:MYC, is expressed under the control of UASt regulatory sequences. The protein produced is constitutively active in wg signalling, but functions normally at adherens junctions.

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Functions normally at adherens junctions; shows ectopic accumulation in cytoplasm and nucleus.

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construct_comment: Progenitors are those of the plasmid, pP{UAS-arm.S10}.

report comment: Encodes a modified form of ARM protein with increased stability and altered subcellular distribution: functions normally at adherens junctions, but also accumulates in the cytoplasm and nucleus.

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UAS ArmS10
UAS-Armadillo S10
UAS-arm S10
UAS-armadillo S10
activated Armadillo
armS10 cDNA
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